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Getaway – A Bearded Films Production


“I Shall Never Leave You. Nor Forsake You,” – JOSHUA 1:5

“Within our family, we want to spend our lives together as a family. We want to be around each other…and this farm provides us with the opportunity to be together and to work together. And that’s an amazing thing in this day and age when everyone is so separated from each other.” – Chris deWall

About the film

In May of 2009, Chris deWall landed in Nova Scotia, knowing next to nothing about farming.  In the months that followed, Chris learned not only about the intricacies of farming, but about himself.

Chris grew up in B.C. during the mid 90’s. Socially awkward, he eventually turns to drugs.  His parents, at wit’s end, send him to rehab, where he spends 19 months thinking about and learning to resolve the issues that led him there.

Chris ends up at a bible college in Alberta, where he meets Leonie Poyser, the daughter of English ex-pats and cattle farmers.  They are married within a year.

But Chris’ in-laws soon find themselves in dire straits: they lose the family farm when mad cow disease strikes the cattle industry.  Chris and Leonie are devastated watching “Mom  & Dad” struggle so they hatch a plan: they would farm again, but this time together, as a family.

So the whole family – all four generations – come to Nova Scotia where they buy Getaway Farm, on the north mountain of the Annapolis valley.

It is here that Chris realises what is important to him: his family.  That which will never leave nor forsake him.

“Honestly, when you grow up on a farm, you don’t know that there is anything else out there. And it is the best lifestyle to ever have, and I am so grateful to have grown up on a farm”  – Leonie deWall

“Farming is full of risk isn’t it? I mean, life is full of risk. Where there’s hope there’s life, and you just have a go”       – Godfrey Poyser

Watch the trailer of the film

About Bearded Films

Bearded Films are three guys – Douglas Gelevan, Jonathan Linds and Simon Thibault – who want to tell stories and aren’t afraid to get their cameras, editing suites, or beards, dirty while doing it.

The Filmmakers

Douglas Gelevan (1983) grew up in Bedford Nova Scotia. He has a degree in History from Mount Allison University (’05) and a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Kings College Halifax (’10). He speaks four languages, considers himself a Trudeauist. He mostly lives out of his rucksack and has over twenty-seven different stamps in his passport including working visas from Austria, Japan and Australia.

Jonathan Linds was born in Toronto Ontario in 1986. On the advice of his eighth grade English teacher he went to the University of King’s College, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in European Studies (’09). He liked King’s so much he decided he’d stick around to get a Bachelor of Journalism, too. Jonathan’s artistic lodestars include free jazz pioneer and intergalactic space traveler Sun Ra, last true rock-and-roller GG Allin, and filmmaker Werner Herzog. Jonathan dreams that one day he too will pull a ship over a mountain.

Simon Thibault grew up in Pointe-de-l’Eglise, a small french-speaking village on the southwestern tip of Nova Scotia.  He did his degree in English at Université Sainte-Anne, Nova Scotia’s only french language university.  His strongest and fondest memories are ones relating to the food he ate as a child, namely his mother’s rappie pie, his grandmother’s homemade doughnuts and his father’s potato pancakes. He has worked as a freelancer for The Coast, XTRA!, CBC Radio, Radio-Canada and is a food commentator for Information Morning, CBC Nova Scotia’s morning show.

Contact Information For Getaway

Simon Thibault – Phone: 902.425.3669 Email:simonthibault@gmail.com

Douglas Gelevan – Email: dgelevan@gmail.com

Jonathan Linds – jonnylinds@gmail.com

Getaway© 2010 Douglas Gelevan, Jonathan Linds, Simon Thibault. All Rights Reserved


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