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Montreal’s first international beach soccer tournament could be with out one of its main draws because Canadian Immigration has denied travel visas for a team of Moroccan players.

Organizers say the reason the players were denied is because they don’t make enough money in their native country and Immigration Canada is afraid they players will stay in country after the tournament.

The local Moroccan community (which numbers nearly 100 000 in Montreal)  says they’re being singled out. Other teams such as Mexico, Brazil and Italy were allowed to send their teams to the event.

And local government worries this could jeopardize efforts to bring the women’s world cup of beach soccer to Montreal in 2013.

Workers are in the process of readying Uniprix Stadium for this weekend’s beach soccer tournament

Listen to the report witch aired for CBC Daybreak Montreal on August 16, 2012

***UPDATE*** (August 17th, 2012) – The Moroccan team’s final appeal to Immigration Canada was rejected and organizers  replaced them in the tournament with a Montreal Impact alumni team

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Watching the Olympics hasn’t been easy for Rosanna Tomiuk. As a member Canada’s water polo team she just missed out on going to London. But the heartbreak hasn’t stopped the singer songwriter from getting involved.

Listen to the story which aired for CBC World Report on August 6, 2012

And here is a video of Tomiuk’s entire song from YouTube

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McGill’s move to explore its option to break up with the Quebec university football conference in favor of playing in Ontario shouldn’t come at a surprise. But if the RSEQ can’t reconcile situation the entire conference will sit at the brink of a collapse.

The executive director of sports and recreation for McGill, Drew Love, said the move is about shifting McGill into a situation where they’d be once again playing against their traditional rivals such as Queens, U of T and Western. But, really this is about money and a fundamental difference between how the french schools (Laval, University of Montreal and Sherbrooke) and the English schools (McGill, Concordia and Bishops) run their football programs.

Have a listen.

This aired for CBC Daybreak Montreal on May 18, 2012 

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Camera Roll Camp is a creative outlet for teens with special needs in Montreal.

Listen to my report on the camp that aired on Daybreak Montreal for CBC on June 25th.

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