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Watching the Olympics hasn’t been easy for Rosanna Tomiuk. As a member Canada’s water polo team she just missed out on going to London. But the heartbreak hasn’t stopped the singer songwriter from getting involved.

Listen to the story which aired for CBC World Report on August 6, 2012

And here is a video of Tomiuk’s entire song from YouTube

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Veteran linebacker Diamond Ferri is the exception. He has a new contract for the Montreal Alouettes next season.

It’s been an off season of cleaning house on the defensive side of the ball. The team has a new defensive coordinator and is planning to install a new system for 2012.

But the moves to cast aside several longtime players such as fan favorite Anwar Steward isn’t sitting well with some vets.  Diamond Ferri questions what is going on.

“You got to ask yourself why? why? Is it because of their age? Is it because of their play? Most of the guys that are older are playing better than the younger guys… all the guys they’re bring in, they don’t know who they have.” – Diamond Ferri

I spoke to Ferri at a charity event at an elementary school and sat down with Shawn Apel to talk about his concerns heading into Alouette’s training camp. Have a listen.

This is from the Daybreak Daily Podcast on May 15, 2012

Diamond Ferri & former Hab Patrice Brisebois play road hockey at Edward Murphy Elementary School

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It’s rare that a soccer game outside of Champions League or the World Cup can grab the attention of North Americans. Yesterday was the exception. Fans called this installment of the Manchester Derby the biggest game in decades.

I went to find out what all the fuss was about…

This aired for CBC Daybreak Montreal on May 1, 2012

… And it turns out this rivalry reminds me a lot of the Habs v Leafs. The game is always meaningful because of geography. But it’s been decades since the two sides have played an important game. Also the fact that City hasn’t won since ’68 and the Leafs haven’t won since ’67 is a nice touch.

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The Ottawa Senators are the last Canadian team standing in this year’s NHL playoffs. But can people outside of the nation’s capital get behind them?

Is it fair to jump on the bandwagon? Or is openly opposing them just a case of sour grapes?

This aired on CBC Daybreak Montreal on April 24, 2012

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Tennis star Aleksandra Wozniak is trying to claw her way back into the top 50 players in the world. That’s the cut off for London 2012.

Wozniak has the talent, she had reached number 21 in the world before her injury. But after sitting out ten months she slipped all the way down to 200.  Now she’s back at 57 in the world and needs solid results in her final 6 events before London or she will miss out on her Olympic dream.

Click here (or on the photo) to watch the story which aired for CBC NEWS Montreal on April 17, 2012

Aleksandra Wozniak poses with a Student at Carignan Elementary School in Montreal North

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Anthony Calvillo turns 40 this year. But instead of slowing down his off-season training he is raising the intensity.

Click here or on the photo to watch the story which aired on CBC NEWS Montreal on April 13, 2012.

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Georges St-Pierre knows fans in Montreal expect him to fight in UFC 154 this November. But contrary to what many thought, St-Pierre says there is no guarantee he will back in the ring this Fall.

The UFC champ is recovering from a knee injury that he suffered while training last December.

St-Pierre told me today that only 3 months after the injury he feels 100 per cent. But he knows the key to a sustained recovery is patience.

UFC mixed martial artist Georges St-Pierre takes questions about his recovery at the Westin Hotel in Montreal

Click here to watch the story which aired on CBC NEWS on April 5, 2012 … or click on the photo

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The Montreal Canadiens acknowledged today that Carey Price has a concussion. The team was hesitant to use the word to describe Price’s head injury yesterday but today the Habs confirmed the diagnosis by the team’s doctor. Price has a mild concussion and is out for the rest of the season.

I spoke with Sue about the injury on CBC Homerun Montreal. We also discussed Gabriel Dumont, the young call up who is playing in his first NHL game tonight versus Tampa

This aired on CBC Homerun Montreal on April 4, 2012

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Canada’s newly minted Olympic swim team boarded a double decker bus today in celebration.

The team heading to London 2012 is the largest in more than a decade & coaches say fans should expect 5 medals. Which is quite a jump from Beijing when Canada only managed to win 1 medal.

I rode on the bus with the Olympic team and I sat down with Sue Smith to talk about it & growing expectations.

This aired on CBC Homerun Montreal on April 2, 2012

Click here or on the photo below to check out the TV story on the Olympic swim team

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The former captain of the Montreal Impact, Nevio Pizzolitto, has called it quits.

Pizzolitto’s 16 year career stands up as one of the most decorated in Impact history. But, it did not end the way that he probably wanted it to.

I sat down with Pierre Landry to talk about the man who bled Blue-Blanc-et-Noir

This aired on CBC Homerun on March 28, 2012

And to check out the TV story click here or on the photo below

Impact Owner Joey Saputo poses with Nevio Pizzolitto & Nick DeSantis

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