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Sometimes my job doesn’t feel like work… After all, who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to jump on a race track with a professional Indy car driver?

Alex Tagliani won the pole at last year’s Indianapolis 500 so when I was told by my colleague in the CBC Montreal Sports Unit, Andie Bennett, that Tagliani wanted to race against us (in Go-Karts)… I nearly sprung out of my shoes in excitement.

Alex Tagliani (middle) shows Andie & I the art of strutting while holding a racing helmet

This aired on May 10, 2012

Tagliani has a new engine heading into this year’s Indianapolis 500, he told us about the unique challenge of switching engines mid-season and his team’s falling out with his former engine sponsor, Lotus.

And while I may have thought I’d able to keep with Tagliani (or that he would take it easy) I was wrong. He completed 30 laps in the same amount of time it took us to compete 26.

Tagliani whips past the CBC Montreal Sports Unit in an S-Turn

To see Andie’s TV story click here or on any of the photos.

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